goutilsgo utility libraries 30 min.
surveysurvey tooling 2 hours
armq-serverReceiving server for armq for exporting data collected from arma 3 hours
booksbooks I've read 17 hours
core-scriptsdata management/core system scripts 20 hours
homehome dotfiles 6 days
radiucalradius/hostapd 802.1x proxy 7 days
debsdebian packaging 8 days
resumemy resume 3 weeks
pyxstitchcode to cross-stitch 3 weeks
websitemy website 3 weeks
cross-stitchcross stitch utils/site/etc. 3 weeks
systemssystem maintenance 3 weeks
adcA(rma) D(ata) C(ollection) plugin/mod for getting data out of Arma (fork of R3) 3 weeks
armqArma Data Collection (adc) plugin to export data 4 weeks
referencereference information for various subjects 3 months
eltoritoeltorito image to usb dd'able file 3 months